Tarrant County Pool/Spa Inspection Scores Database

Pool/Spa Inspection Explanation

When performing inspections of pools, spas and interactive water facilities (splash parks) the things that are looked at can be thought of in two general categories, things that are of an immediate safety concern and things that are required for the pool to operate in a safe and sanitary fashion. An example of an immediate safety concern would be a damaged or missing drain cover that could allow someone to become trapped and drown. An item related to the proper operation of the pool would include such items as a proper flow gauge on the pump so that an operator would know if the pool was adequately circulating water through the filter.

If an item that is an immediate safety concern is observed during an inspection, the pool will be closed immediately. When the item is corrected the pool will reopen. For operational items, the operator is notified and required to correct them. If operational items are repeatedly violated then closure may also occur. Of course there are many items that may fit partly in each category. For those items the individual situation will determine if closure is needed.

It is extremely important that every user of the facility realize that an inspection can only deal with the situations that are present at the time of inspection and conditions may change rapidly. Anyone planning to use a pool, spa or water feature should take a moment to assess the conditions before they enter the water. Is the water clear? Are the physical facilities in good repair? Is there safety equipment present? If you do not feel the facility is being properly maintained please contact this office and do not use the facility if you have doubts – your safety is paramount.